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Bali molten glass & wood Terrarium Fish Bowl Vase

Handcrafted in Bali, recycled glass in molten form is handblown and slumped over natural teak driftwood pieces to create these amazing works of art. The glass takes on the shape of the wood, forming a wonderful terrain for your flowers, fish or a terrarium. Each becomes a unique and one of a kind home for your fish, flowers or plants.  

  • Any flaws, bubbles, mineral deposits or ripples in glass are considered natural and due to the handcrafted origins of this unique product and are in no way to be considered defects
  • No two will be exactly alike
  • Keep in mind due to the handcrafted & natural origins the overall size is approximate and will vary in each piece. The size listed is approximite.
  • Our size medium is:
  • Overall size 8" x 8" x   8"
  • The size of the hand blown glass -  8" diameter
  • Opening on the glass - 4" diameter
  • The glass color is aqua
  • Hand blown by Balinese artisan
  • Sustainable reclaimed teak wood
  • The glass is removable for easy cleaning & filling


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